“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.

— Ansel Adams

I have always loved candid, almost accidental snapshots, which seemed to me to capture the essence of a celebration much better than posed photos.

For the same reason I don’t retouch my photos with Photoshop, I like to keep everything as it happened in the captured moment as much as possible.
However, I work on the images in the digital equivalent of a darkroom, which allows me to enhance the mood of the shot, by doing some basic color grading and sometime pushing the boundaries to reach a specific and personal image style.

Film and Digital:  I do believe traditional photography can still beat the modern digital in many ways. and the other way round. I think there’s no reason why someone should get stuck into one era, I do love experimenting in both worlds.

Reportage photography: when covering an event, I prefer to remain discretely in the background catching the moments you missed when you were fully enjoying your big day – your wedding, a birthday, family reunion, or proud achievement celebration day.

Urban, landscape and travel photography: I look around me all the time, and I am usually drawn to shapes, patterns and colours, telling a story of place, time, people, and their relationships. I love to frame portions of what surrounds me, creating new places on their own.

Jean Claude Nouchy