Goodbye Instagram and Facebook.

Welcome!! … or welcome back. :] Oh man I haven’t been around here myself in quite a long time! Long story short, I decided to drop my Facebook and Instagram accounts (soon to close and be deleted) and the “likes based” way of social interacting, which I never found myself fitting into, and to go back to the good old “Personal Websites and Blogs” way.. Thank for your constant support and heartwarming messages, specially after announcing my departure from Instagram, please just keep this bookmark updated and come back to check this space soon :) In the meantime, if this …

B/W and color film galleries updated!

    … go and visit them! don’t forget to Pin your favorite images, or check the “social” page where you can access my Facebook page and like it to get the latest updated, and don’t forget to like and share the page too :)   Thank you and stick around, more updates soon.

social engagement

hello all, I just updated my “social toolbar” at the bottom of the website. now you can find me pretty much on every social website from there. ciao! :]

grab your favorite one!

On my facebook page I just posted a phone grab of some of the latest prints available to sell! what you see are my own tests, the real prints will be Selenium toned and mounted on black foamboard, and various paper finish are available for you to choose. I only use high quality ilFord Multigrade paper for the final prints.