distagon 40mm T* Carl zeiss first snaps (lens now sold!)

I got myself a very cheap deal on a Carl Zeiss T* 40mm/f4 Distagon lens for my Hasselblad, but I also found straight away why the deal was so cheap. The lens is still a very good value for the money, but I’m not impressed by the bad quality I archived on several shots. I’m waiting to blame the lens only as the shot I developed where from two Color slides roll I scanned last night, developped with quite exhaisted chemichals… but I’m pretty sure the lens had its impact. I gotta wait for the developed film from the Fotosynthesis …

fixed the blog posts!

something was wrong in the blog entires.. its now been fixed and correctly shows the latest updates :]

35mm and medium format gallery added

Finally added a gallery dedicated to my growing passion for film photography. I’m shooting more and more often with my Canon A-1 and now Hasselblad 500/cm and re-learning how to develop films. Its a very new gallery so please come back and check as I’ll try and update regularly. Portfolio->personal gallery->35mm and medium format. Enjoy! :)

Vfx support

turned the website theme colors to green in support of my fellow friends and colleagues Vfx artists!