Urban and pattern gallery updated with my latest Barcelona shots

Urban and Patterns gallery has been updated with my recent Barcelona shots.
This is just a very limited selection of the whole shooting, if  you’re interested in seeing more please let me know.

All developed in Kodak HC110, mostly B and H dilutions. During these 4 days I’ve mostly shot Kodak 400TX and 400TMY, and ilFord Delta 100. I’m amazed by the super sharp details I got out of the negatives, finally improving my use of HC110, which its my favorite developer at the moment.

I also extensively used a GorillaPod tripod, which I find incredibly versatile and small enough to have with me all the time!
The ThinkTank retrospective 7 bag was also a great recent purchase I’m very happy with, but the real ultimate Christmas self present I’m super glad I’ve invested some cash in its been the, now inseparable, Sekonic 558 spot meter.

Feedbacks are as usual very welcome and please drop me a message if you’re interested in any prints! :)