theme updated

I just found out my website was broken and not working when I checked for the google analytics stats! it should now be fixed and will be soon updated with new galleries. stay tuned!

media totally recreated

I reuploaded the whole media, photos and now the website is blazing fast :) please let me know if you’re experiencing problems or slowdown. thanks!

fullsize gallery now working

after the sudden death of my website I had to fix few files and now the full size gallery works too :) hope you enjoy it, looking forward to hearing your feedbacks.

website had a whole day of sudden death

for some reason I yet have to find my website has been offline since this morning. apparently I used my laptop before drinking my coffee and that caused an instant and very clean wipe of all my files. I had to go back in time (thanks apple) and restore from last night’s backup, which cause all sort of problems (not blaming you Apple) as few .php files went corrupted at some point … … it should all be fixed now but please let me know if you encounter any problem. Thanks!