Urban and pattern gallery updated with my latest Barcelona shots

Urban and Patterns gallery has been updated with my recent Barcelona shots. This is just a very limited selection of the whole shooting, if  you’re interested in seeing more please let me know. All developed in Kodak HC110, mostly B and H dilutions. During these 4 days I’ve mostly shot Kodak 400TX and 400TMY, and ilFord Delta 100. I’m amazed by the super sharp details I got out of the negatives, finally improving my use of HC110, which its my favorite developer at the moment. I also extensively used a GorillaPod tripod, which I find incredibly versatile and small enough to …

35mm Hasselblad hack

by frankensteining a 120mm spool I can shoot 35mm films in my A12 Hasselblad back :) check out the gallery at: http://www.jcn-photo.com/portfolio/film/35mm here’s a photo showing the loaded film:

galleries structure and writing updated.

I’m still figuring out all the features of this new theme, but I’m liking the loading speed for sure. today I updated the “about me” and little bits and bolts everywhere. I’m also trying to keep the galleries little organized and adding some details to them, about the media type or process details, and I’m still working on that..

new phase, new face.

I have to admit, I wasn’t keeping up with updates to my galleries. One of the main reasons was the slow speed of my website altogether … The second reason is that I’m going through a transitive phase within my photography journey, I’ve changed my favourite medium from CF cards to 120 films, my main camera from my beloved 5D MK II to my now always loaded Hasselblad 500C/M. Together those were good enough reasons to push me and search for a different layout, faster and more immersive.   I hope you like it and please send me your feedback …